Am I committed to transparency?

A well respected trial lawyer and member of the Lake Quivira community reached out to me after “stumbling across” this website. They weren’t happy.

Their argument was that publishing numbers on HOA dues and house prices was neither necessary or beneficial (without context), and that, as not everyone is as willing to dig into the numbers as they and I might be, all this website is doing is providing “fodder for confirmation bias” (my phrasing).

The funny thing is that I don’t necessarily disagree on the challenge of context … one persons context is another persons “bias”.

But I go to great lengths to not introduce my own bias, and to provide adequate context …

For example, I’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the data on dues splits out “big ticket amenity improvements” such as the Community Center and the Golf Practice facility, so that it is obvious that not all of the 50% increase in dues is “like-for-like”.

On the flip-side, I purposely “pull-a-punch” by not stating that taking out these items still means that there was a 20% increase in capital costs (i.e. increases well above inflation).

But I have to forcefully disagree with any accusation that I am not committed to transparency …

Think about it. Does the argument “to increase transparency, don’t provide data” ring true to you?

And when making a decision on living in Lake Quivira, do you really believe not knowing how much the dues are, how they have increased over time, and how house prices have trended versus other cities, would be beneficial? Really?

The reality is (and trust me here, but more than happy to go into infinite detail with anyone who would like to see “proof”), Quivira Inc. have (and still) spend significant amounts of time, effort, and (our) money to prevent access to information that their members are legally entitled to, and to obfuscate whatever they do release in an effort to stymie any questions, let alone dissent.

So, as long as I live in Lake Quivira, and as long as I have a passion for this community and its stated core values, I’m going to continue asking (and searching) for relevant information, I’m going to continue “crunching” the numbers, and I’m going to continue to put what information I can “out there”, all in the interests of transparency and accountability.


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