Lake Quivira Dues & Costs


Just splitting out the high-level components of the monthly mandatory membership dues and listing out “headline” total dues historically by year is interesting, showing a bottom-line increase of around 50% since 2016.

Comparing this data versus CPI (Consumer Price Index) inflation rates produced by the Federal Reserve is equally interesting.

Lake Quivira dues increases versus CPI Inflation | 2012 to 2020

The takeaway from this graph is self-explanatory, and when combined with the house price analysis, peer reviewed research on the link between increases in mandatory Country Club fees and depressed house prices (see here for an example), and the growing gap between revenue and expenses at Quivira, Inc. (discussed in detail in The Quiviran) should be cause for concern.

Methodology Notes

(1) Total dues calculations exclude additional (mandatory and optional) yearly “one-off” charges and levies such as vehicle registration(s), guest sticker(s), watercraft sticker(s), cart fee(s), boat registration(s), community club membership fees (e.g. Yacht Club, Fishing Club, Investment Club, etc.), ACH fee(s), Lake Preservation fee(s) etc.

(2) Numbers for 2013 thru 2019 Monthly Total dues reflect the December dues statements of the previous year: e.g. 2013 Monthly Total dues reflect the December 2012 dues statement

(3) Numbers for the 2013 thru 2019 Yearly Total dues are the Monthly Total dues for that year, multiplied by 12

(4) The 2020 Monthly Total dues number includes the dues increases agreed in both November 2019 and March 2020.

(5) The 2020 Yearly Total dues number reflects a full year of the dues increases agreed in November 2019, and nine months of the dues increases passed in March 2020

(6) For the purposes of this analysis, the $37.50 monthly fee for Community Center operating expenses passed in November 2019 has been split out from the Homeowners Dues classification. This fee is not split out on monthly statements and is rolled into the total of Homeowners Dues that are billed monthly.